Our Services

Strategic Planning

African Bagg takes keen interest in planning and directing its partner's local strategic and long-range goals for the market. Conducts market reviews to identify strengths and weaknesses and to evaluate operational effectiveness. Makes recommendations based on emerging trends, expansion opportunities, competitive threats, viability of outside business partners, and constant evaluation of local government business process improvement.

Policy development

African Bagg analyses information’s relevant to the partner’s activities and develop policies, provide advice to support business performance. African Bagg also coordinates policy review, including evaluation of policy options and oversees the implementation of policies. African Bagg have a vast experience in liaising with National and local government, as well as peak bodies and professional organizations.

Guidance in application of resources

African Bagg is experienced in project budget development and management and application of resources. Supervision of other planning parties, such as consultants and other stakeholders.

Implementation and execution of plans and initiatives

Supervision of other planning parties for the business, such as consultants, developers and other stakeholders. Manages and coordinates partner’s business interest

Oversight of development

Preparation of budget and oversees expenditures. Sets goals, policies, and procedures for the project.

Reporting as needed to responsible organizations

African Bagg creates planning studies and generate reports about new programs, plans, and regulations. Reviews proposals of partners to ensure compliance with codes and regulations.

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